Our aim is to promote social justice and combat poverty by providing free and independent advice and support that enables people to develop skills, improve wellbeing and make positive changes in their lives and communities.

Advice Services

We provide specialist advice on welfare benefits and debt, helping people to maximise their income, challenge unfair benefits decisions and improve their financial and emotional wellbeing.

NBAC Advice Services 2016-17: some facts and figures

>> 2658 people supported
>> £1,554,402 raised for our clients
>> 808 people received debt advice
>> £4,151,790 in debt managed for clients
>> 117 appeals won 

We asked our clients what difference our advice and support made to their lives:

>> 68% say they have a better understanding of their legal entitlements
>> 66% say their general situation is better
>> 54% say their stress levels are better 

 "I used to stress so much about the debts, how I am going to make payments, buy food for me and my kids, but now it is much better and my kids are happier."

"Before getting help from your adviser I was unable to get anywhere with ATOS. They made life for me and my family impossible. My adviser was with me at every stage including my hearing where she was instrumental in securing the right result. Thank you."

"I realise how important it is to keep all documents I'm sent and to ask for help and to speak up when things are not right."

"I am now able to afford to have people come in and help me to do what I am not able to do myself."

"I am very happy because I have been struggling with this issue for years." 

"You do a great job and I'm so grateful for your help. Thank you."

Community Support at Home (CSaH)

Our older person's project provides a range of benefits to improve health and wellbeing, reduce social isolation and combat loneliness among the over 55s.

CSaH 2016-2017: Some facts and figures

>> 102 older people visited in their own home
>> 3 IT courses held 
>> 22 trips and events held
>> 24 shopping club trips

We asked our clients what difference the Community Support at Home Project made to their lives:

>> 78% say they are better able to get out and about
>> 75% say they are better able to manage their money
>> 90% of shopping club members say their health and wellbeing has improved

"I feel a lot more confident that there is someone I can contact in an emergency and enjoy Tea and Talk." 

"We know more about what's going on around us now, and what to ask for." 

"Making it possible to take part in things going on in the community, meeting people and making new friends." 

"I feel a lot happier and secure knowing I am able to do my weekly shop with help and friends around me." 

"I am very happy with the trips, I enjoy company of others on the bus. I also save money compared to shopping locally."

MoneySmart Online Drop-In

Our free, weekly drop in session in The Langley Centre helps digitally excluded people get online to save money. The drop in provides a regular point of access and offers friendly support from our IT mentor volunteers to help people develop their IT skills and confidence.

MoneySmart Online 2016 - 2017 Some facts and figures

>> 45 drop in sessions held
>> 347 total visits footfall
>> 61 individual people supported


>> Clients reported a significant increase in computer and internet skills and confidence, saying the regular sessions and support of volunteers gave them the confidence to "try new things". Some went from no IT experience to purchasing their own laptop or tablet.
>> 86% of clients reported little or no confidence to use money saving websites at their first visit.
>> 57% of clients reported being confident to use money saving websites after attending the drop in.

We asked our clients what skills they learned as a result of attending MoneySmart Online drop-in:

"Before the session I had never used a computer before." 

"I now have a much greater knowledge of using internet banking and such websites." 

"Internet and keyboard and many icons and apps, but I have a long way to go. I thank you for all your kindness." 

"How to use the internet, I am better at controlling the computers each time I attend the drop-in."

We asked clients how the drop-in helped them save money:

"Home/car insurance, home bills." 

"Food, insurance, train and coach to go and see my son who is ill." 

"By looking at discounts and special offer and special items can be viewed on the internet."

"Comparing prices in shops/catalogues verses online."

"It helped me into work."

"I saved £200 on my car insurance."

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