North Bristol Advice Centre has a long history of working in partnership with other agencies, organisations and community groups to maximise our impact and bring added value to the services we deliver.

The Advice Network (ACFA)

NBAC is an active member of The Advice Network (ACFA), a network of local advice agencies that work together to represent the interest of advice agencies, provide a forum for information exchange, facilitate the development of policy and best practice and lobby for adequately funded and resourced advice services throughout the region.

Community Advice Partner Agency (CAPA) project.

We work with community organisations, training frontline volunteers to identify basic issues around welfare benefits and debt, what kind of support a client needs, and where to signpost them to appropriate support. Our current CAPA partners are Kingsmeadow Community Flat, North Bristol Foodbank and the Southmead Scart project.

Lockleaze Food Alliance

This partnership of local organisations aims to positively impact food culture in our community and tackle local food poverty. NBAC is proud to be a member and led on the development of Unlocked: Avoiding Food Poverty in Lockleaze, a guide to local welfare services and support. Our CEO is on the Feeding Bristol board. 

Advice Agencies

NBAC has a good working relationship with other local advice agencies, working together to deliver projects across Bristol and the southwest.

Local organisations

NBAC works closely with local organisations and agencies including North Bristol Foodbank, United Communities, Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, councillors, GPs and health workers to make sure we all work together effectively for the benefit of the community.

Corporate Partnerships

NBAC is proud to work with our business partners and supporters, including Hewlett Packard, UWE and Riverside Garden Centre, bringing resources and expertise to the local area.

We are committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local business. We offer a range of employee volunteering opportunities linked to our education, financial training and digital inclusion projects that can help bring your team's skills and expertise into the community.

For more information, please contact Katherine Tanko on Tel: 0117 951 5751 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Connect Lockleaze

North Bristol Advice Centre was a key partner in the award-winning Connect Lockleaze, a training and learning project established in 2012 to minimise digital exclusion and to encourage local people to develop their skills. The project came to an end in December 2017. 

Connect Lockleaze was developed in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, the University of West of England, Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust and Stoke Park Schools. 

Read a full report about the achievements of this fantastic project in The Story of Connect Lockleaze.


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