Future Me

Career Development Support for women in North Bristol

Are you at home looking after children under school age? Or recently made redundant? Or looking for new career opportunities?

Future Me is a year-long programme offering one-to-one support to women not in full time work to help improve their career prospects. It offers:

  • Careers advice and guidance to help you identify a career path.
  • Step by step Action Plan to support you to achieve your career goal.
  • Support to find the right course or qualification, including contacting the Training Provider and helping you to enrol.
  • Follow up support with regular reviews so we can address any issues that crop up.
  • Act on your behalf to address any barriers currently preventing you from training and career development.
  • Signpost you to courses or activities to help to build your confidence.

We will support you every step of the way. Even if you find that the course or career you’ve chosen isn’t right for you, we can help you to review your ideas and support you in the right direction.

Who is it for?

Future me is open to women in north Bristol who are not currently in full time work. This includes women with young children, unemployed women and those in part time work.

Women with young children

Future Me provides a unique opportunity for women to use the time before their children enter full time education to start the process of part time training to develop their own career. They could do this in small steps so that by the time their child reaches school age they have the relevant qualification and training needed to enter a full time career or embark on further training.

We can also support women who are unemployed, or working part time, to work toward a career goal.

Click here to download the Future Me flyer

For more information, fill in an enquiry form, or contact Lavern Forbes:
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07936 943 583

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